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The AWARDS Program

Driving a Bold Vision for the Future.

Our award program is Alberta’s “first-to-market” provincial awards program celebrating and supporting top young innovators who span an inclusive and exhaustive range of industries.


The vision originated from a need to build a narrative of Alberta's innovators and entrepreneurs.

Our Founder, Rob Aronson, represented Alberta as a dedicated social entrepreneur tackling Canadian poverty. Due to these efforts, Aronson received  national and global accolades from 2006 to 2010. At the Canadian level, this included Canada's Top 20 Under 20. At the international level, this included the Peter Cruddas Social Innovator Award. These experiences placed an incredible amount of earned media on Rob's social venture, and furthermore provided a variety of resources and funding. Rob quickly realized that Alberta's entrepreneurs required a specific and focused award program, built right here in Alberta, storytelling their entrepreneurial journeys successes.


In Rob's words, "A broad sweeping award building a narrative of Alberta's innovation space, led by the upcoming generation of game changers, do-ers and leaders".

Today, Alberta's Top Young Innovators is a realization of that vision. A vision to overturn every stone across Alberta's vast and varied industries, identifying and celebrating the young innovators building and leading this province's economy and communities. 

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Alberta’s Top Young Innovators drives a bold vision for the future. We are relentless to inspire every single person in Alberta’s business, innovation and startup communities.


We honor, showcase and empower the young women and men who shape the growth of Alberta’s diversified and innovative economic landscape. We narrative the stories of Alberta's leading business entrepreneurs, social entrepeneurs and corporate innovators.


Showcasing and celebrating our top young innovators impacts our ecosystem in a myriad of positive ways.


Young Innovators



Diversified Economic







Innovation Story

The Ecosystem

The innovation process involves the entrepreneur exploring a continual path of mountains and valleys, peaks and dips, all the while supported by a wide and deep community of stakeholders willing to facilitate, support and energize.

This is how we visualize Alberta’s incredible innovation ecosystem, a metaphor hinged on Alberta's majestic Rocky Mountains. 



Alberta’s promising innovators are young women and men hailing from all corners of the province, urban and rural. They are dedicated, visionary and talented. They have overcome challenges and seized
opportunities. We identify them. We showcase them. We support them.


Our province’s industry clusters and verticals are vast, growing and impactful. Our award recipients
place the spotlight on this market reality. Our sponsors reflect and lead the industries who hyper-care for the
province’s future.


Collaborating across all levels of government and economic development is a key priority for Alberta’s
Top Young Innovators, in the continual progress to support our new generations of young innovators
and entrepreneurs.


Our team is incubating a feedback loop with the education sector to facilitate further capacity towards
steering more bright, entrepreneurial student minds to the world of innovation.


Alberta’s Top Young Innovators walks the talk of innovation by presenting a new model of sourcing,
vetting and connecting ventures to investment and resource opportunities.


Launch Party.

Prize Announcement.  

Call for Nominations. 

Awards Gala.

Special Events.

The sky is the limit. 

Are you ready?

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