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The ABTYI Program

Driving a Bold Vision for the Future.

Our award program is Alberta’s “first-to-market” provincial awards program celebrating and supporting top young innovators who span an inclusive and exhaustive range of industries.


In recent years, The Government of Canada stated that Canada is “in a global innovation race” and that “innovation starts with the creativity and ingenuity of people … in search of new solutions”.


Alberta’s Top Young Innovators aligns with the government’s position on the importance of Canadian innovation; the economic value of innovation and entrepreneurship simply cannot be denied for our province and country. However, we need to begin early by showcasing dynamic young role models to encourage this kind of thinking. By celebrating young talent across various industries, we seek to inspire and support the current generation of entrepreneurs, and attract more young minds to the world of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our award program is Alberta’s ‘first-to-market’ provincial awards program that celebrates and supports top young innovators spanning an inclusive and exhaustive range of industries.

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Alberta’s Top Young Innovators drives a bold vision for the future. We are relentless to inspire every single person in Alberta’s business, innovation and startup communities.


We honor, showcase and empower the young women and men who shape the growth of Alberta’s diversified and innovative economic landscape.


Showcasing and celebrating our top young innovators will impact our ecosystem in a myriad of positive ways.


Young Innovators

The future is today. We acutely celebrate the province’s brightest young minds who are leading in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. In other words, we honor, celebrate, showcase and empower the young women and men who shape the growth of Alberta’s diversified and innovative economic landscape.



Ambitious innovators inevitably cross paths with one another throughout the years and decades. Our goal is to accelerate and guide the accelerated development of this pre existing organic networking, through a model of social strategy, clear intention and focused direction. We break down “six degrees of separation” to one degree of separation. We do this repeatedly year after year. We increase networking activity volume as well as the exchange rate of creativity, ideas, data, resources, intellect, social capital and financial capital across Alberta’s clustered innovation communities.

Diversified Economic


To keep Alberta’s economy resilient, sustainable and growth-focused, we critically need to accelerate our investment in the people leading and driving our economies. Balancing our incredible natural resources, we demand that our people are Alberta’s greatest asset. Investing in a broad range of young innovators who actively build and impact a range of industries, is a future-proof economic development plan.



We leverage the stories and narratives of young Albertan innovators, to inspire current generations and upcoming young adults to consider innovation as a career path. Young people deserve positive role models hailing from the field of innovation. Young people deserve to hear the stories of Alberta’s Top
Young Innovators.



Beyond the aforementioned ‘innovators network’, this awards program contributes to a broader, pre- existing innovation ecosystem. We go the extra mile to connect the dots and close the gaps within the ecosystem by uniting a variety of partners and stakeholders across a broad array of diversified sectors,
industry verticals and specialized areas. We are honored and excited to contribute to such a dynamic ecosystem of collaborators and leaders.


Innovation Story

Alberta’s Top Young Innovators leverages the inspirational stories of fascinating innovators,
entrepreneurs, inventors and business mavericks to narrate a broader story of Alberta’s exciting position and competitive future. Through a blend of market position, community integration, strategic partnerships, established online platforms and diverse media partnerships, Alberta’s Top Young Innovators magnifies the incredible impact of its award recipients – thereby further inspiring our audiences and community to join these innovators in making Alberta the most prosperous and welcoming province.

The Ecosystem

The innovation process walks the individual through a continual path of mountains and valleys, peaks and dips, all while supported by a wide and deep community of stakeholders willing to facilitate, support and energize.

This is how we visualize Alberta’s incredible innovation ecosystem, and you can get
involved in different ways.



Alberta’s promising innovators are young women and men hailing from all corners of the province, urban and rural. They are dedicated, visionary and talented. They have overcome challenges and seized
opportunities. We identify them. We showcase them. We support them.


Our province’s industry clusters and verticals are vast, growing and impactful. Our award recipients
place the spotlight on this market reality. Our sponsors reflect and lead the industries who hyper-care for the
province’s future.


Collaborating across all levels of government and economic development is a key priority for Alberta’s
Top Young Innovators, in the continual progress to support our new generations of young innovators
and entrepreneurs.


Our team is incubating a feedback loop with the education sector to facilitate further capacity towards
steering more bright, entrepreneurial student minds to the world of innovation.


Alberta’s Top Young Innovators walks the talk of innovation by presenting a new model of sourcing,
vetting and connecting ventures to investment and resource opportunities.


The Top Young Innovators brand represents the process of supporting the ideas that drive our development and lead us into the future.

We are modern, innovative, and always in motion. We are part of an ecosystem led by innovators, driven by the innovation industry, funded by private organizations and investors, supported by public programs, and fuelled by educational institutions.

We aim to reach the top of the metaphorical mountain, while recognizing the path and its surroundings as key elements to achieving our main goal: Creating innovation for a better future.

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